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How Antinol helped change Gizmo's life

As Gizmo got older, his mobility suffered and one day his legs gave out and he fell backwards down the stairs. Gizmo is back to hiking with his family.

Antinol Team

By Antinol Team

It's an indescribable feeling to have our shadow back. We are so thankful to be able to spend our time as a family with Gizmo by our side.

Kelsi and I got Gizmo almost early in our relationship. He accompanied us for more than 12 years and witnessed every single milestone. We got married, bought a house, had our first child, moved to California, came back from California and had another child - he has been with us through it all. He was always like a fur child to us and a faithful companion in all the constant changes in life. He has accompanied our family on every adventure. Every trip has been designed with dog-friendly stays and activities in mind because Gizmo always wanted to be by our side.
Gizmo, Curtis and their family
Our family loves exploring the great outdoors, camping and hiking. Gizmo wanted to be with us on every adventure and enjoyed it as much as we did. Not only did we enjoy his company, but we also felt a sense of security when Gizmo was with us.

We named Gizmo our shadow because he's by our side wherever we go. We live in a two story house and if I have to run upstairs to get something, Gizmo is right there with me. When I needed to use the bathroom, Gizmo would sneak in to lie down on the bathroom floor next to me. It's the same in the shower. He waited patiently, wherever we were, for any activity, however short or long, if only he could be by our side.

Gizmo the Shadow
When Gizmo turned 11, we noticed that his legs were starting to slip on our hardwood floors. He had trouble going up and down the stairs. He couldn't jump into our car by himself. But of all those physical changes, the hardest to see was his retirement from family. Gizmo, who was once our shadow, stayed upstairs in our bedroom throughout the day. The hassle of going up and down the stairs was becoming too much for him. We noticed that he no longer followed us around the house for every task, but stayed in one spot throughout the day. We tried to encourage him to be with us, but if we didn't carry him to where we were, he wouldn't budge. A couple of times he had so much trouble walking up our stairs that he just stood there and I had to carry him the rest of the way up. There was one night when Gizmo almost fell backwards down the stairs. At that moment, Kelsi and I realized we had to do something.

I started researching what could be helpful for Gizmo's physical health. I massaged his hips all day long. I found this glucosamine supplement. But nothing helped.

Gizmo by the sea

We were desperate and felt hopeless. We reached out to a friend who also has an older dog and he told us about Antinol®. We were a bit hesitant at first as we are a completely natural, holistic family. But after researching the supplement, we were surprised to find that it is natural and free from artificial preservatives, colors and additives. We were keen to try it but weren't expecting much as we thought it was a natural progression given his age.

To our surprise, after a few weeks of feeding Gizmo Antinol®, we noticed that he was following us around the house again. After a month we noticed that his legs had stopped slipping out of him on our hardwood floors. It was like he was getting stronger. For us, the greatest thing was that he is now galloping up the stairs. It brought us to tears that he loves life again.

Gizmo trying to catch the ball at the beach

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