Antinol®️ fast facts

Supports joint health and mobility

Clinically proven

Helps support skin and coat health

Supports healthy cell function

May help support cognitive abilities

Excellent tolerability even with long-term use

What is Antinol®️?

Antinol® is a concentrate of green-lipped mussel oil with over 90 different fatty acids, including omega-3 fatty acids, packed in an orange-red capsule. Green-lipped mussels are processed in our state-of-the-art extraction facility within two hours of being harvested to preserve their active ingredients. The mussels are stabilized and freeze-dried before undergoing our in-house unique supercritical fluid extraction technique. This technology works without the use of heat to protect the active ingredients. The result is a highly pure, high quality oil contained in Antinol®.

    Contains no mussel powder

    Proprietary Extraction

    Of course good

    What is Antinol®️?

    Discover the Antinol®️ difference Scientifically backed

    15+ peer-reviewed
    Lectures + public studies

    We are aware that the pet food supplement industry is full of myths and exaggerated claims. Our founder was determined to create a supplement for his dog that was of the highest quality and clinically proven to work.

    We have more published and submitted clinical studies than any other osteoarthritis supplement in the world - so you can be sure you are buying a product that is clinically proven to work.

    Up to 90% of pet owners have noticed a difference in their pet's mobility while using Antinol. We are sure that Antinol will also help your pet.

    Unlike other products , Antinol does not contain mussel powder. Mussel powder is a waste product of our production process. Our proprietary extraction process concentrates the fatty acids in the capsule, which is why each capsule contains 20 times more fatty acids than freeze-dried mussel powder.

    20x more fatty acids

    as mussel powder

    Proprietary extracted

    concentrated oil


    Sourcing + Farming from New Zealand

    Marlborough Sounds in Marlborough, New Zealand

    The Marlborough Sounds are located at the tip of New Zealand's South Island.

    The winding waterways are ideal for the sustainable farming and harvesting of green-lipped mussels. 70% of all mussels farmed here are used exclusively to make Antinol - a gift from Mother Nature that we have harnessed in its most potent form to transform the lives of pets around the world.

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    • Vielen Dank - Shirley

      Vielen Dank - Shirley

      Immer pünktliche Lieferung im Rahmen einer regelmäßigen 3-Monats-Bestellung Dankeschön

    • Nein, zurück zu etwas anderem! - Greta

      Nein, zurück zu etwas anderem! - Greta

      Antinol ist bei weitem eine bessere und gesündere Option. Dank eines Freundes, der es empfohlen hat

    • David Cuthbertson

      David Cuthbertson

      Es ist ein fantastisches Produkt

    • Ann Lee

      Ann Lee

      Antinol hat das Leben meines Mädchens sehr verändert.

    • Geld gut ausgegeben - J Rees

      Geld gut ausgegeben - J Rees

      Wie im Leitfaden beschrieben, dauert es einige Zeit, bis die Wirkung einsetzt. Haben Sie Geduld, es dauert eine Weile, bis es sich im Körper aufbaut!

    • Sehr glücklich - Sue

      Sehr glücklich - Sue

      Ich habe einen Jack Russell Terrier und einen Leonberger, die Antinol einnehmen und es geht ihnen gut damit.

    • Hillary McCallum

      Hillary McCallum

      Ich verwende es seit zwei Jahren bei meinem Spaniel, der zwei Operationen an seinen Ellbogen hatte und zwei Jagd-Saisonen ohne Lahmheit überstanden hat.

    • Ausgezeichnet - Tanya

      Ausgezeichnet - Tanya

      Wir haben festgestellt, dass Antinol ein ausgezeichnetes Ergänzungsmittel für Gelenke ist.

    • Sehr guter Service - Uma

      Sehr guter Service - Uma

      Ich kann Ihnen nicht genug für Ihren Dienst danken.