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Specialists' mobility approach - long-term, holistic management of arthritis

This free, hour-long CPD brings together top mobility management experts and explores protocols for long-term, holistic management of osteoarthritis in both referral and initial opinion settings.

By Antinol Team

At VetzPetz we aim to bring together as many specialists as possible to discuss their approach to mobility in practice. With thought leaders and experts from around the world sharing best practices and management techniques, the veterinary community will be equipped with the knowledge they need to deliver 5-star care to their mobility patients.

In this two-part free CPD series with CPD4Vets , experts from the US, Italy and the UK examine protocols surrounding long-term, holistic treatment of osteoarthritis through both a referral and initial opinion setting.

Drs. Brian Beale, Bruno Peirone and Kinley Smith share their unique approach to mobility, collaborating to explore both traditional and non-traditional therapies and new avenues in joint health.

The full CPD session is at the bottom of this page.

Get to know the panel

dr brian beale

Dr Brian Beale Headshot

dr Brian Beale is an orthopedic surgeon with Beale Veterinary Specialists in Victoria, TX and CEO of Beale's Best LLC. His particular interests are in arthroscopy, minimally invasive fracture treatment, medical treatment of osteoarthritis and perioperative pain management. He has authored numerous book chapters and scientific articles on these topics and is a co-author of the Small Animal Arthroscopy textbook. In 2018 dr. Beale was named a Founding Fellow in Minimally Invasive Surgery - Small Animal Orthopedics (Arthroscopy and Fracture Repair) by the American College of Veterinary Surgeons.

dr Bruno Peirone

dr Bruno Peirone Headshot; style=

dr Bruno Peirone is Professor of Orthopedics at the Turin School of Veterinary Medicine. Director of the Postgraduate School of Veterinary Surgery in Small Animals, his main interests are fracture treatment (ORIF, ESF, CESF, MIPO techniques) and correction of limb deformities in dogs. dr Peirone is a published author of 52 articles in various Italian and international journals.Dr. Kinley Smith

dr Kinley Smith Headshot

Kinley Smith graduated from Cambridge University in 2000 and spent seven years in small animal practice in Derbyshire and Cheshire, where he received his Certificate in Small Animal Surgery in 2006. In 2007 he began his PhD at the University of Liverpool, studying the mechanisms of cruciate ligament disease in dogs. This research was very successful and in 2010 he graduated with a PhD. He received the ECVS Diploma in Small Animal Surgery in 2014 and RCVS Specialist status in 2015. dr Smith has published in a number of scholarly papers and lectured internationally. He is particularly interested in ligament and tendon injuries, the treatment of joint diseases and the management of chronic orthopedic diseases.

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