Eine Gesundheit: glückliche Haustiere bedeuten glückliche Eltern

A health: happy pets mean happy parents

By Antinol Team

One of the most magical aspects of having a pet is the hidden health benefits they bring. Studies show that bonding between people and their pets can not only increase fitness but also dramatically reduce anxiety and help lower blood pressure. So it's no surprise that parents are turning to their pets for support these days. Or that the number of pet purchases has increased rapidly.

It must be love

When people are in love, we release the hormone oxytocin; also known as the love hormone. neurochemical Research has shown that the same hormone is released by animals and their humans when they feel loved by one another.

- As described in An Examination of Changes in Oxytocin Levels in Men and Women before and after interacting with a bonded dog

Veterinarians regularly highlight how their pet parents seem to go out of their way to provide a high quality of life for their furry family.

manage mobility

“Most dog breeds were developed for a specific purpose, such as sport, work, herding, and so on. Whether your pet is purebred or mixed breed, they likely carry genetic traits that compel them to engage in an activity.”

- dr Karen Becker

We all (pet and human alike) need to have a purpose in order to feel happy and comfortable.

Being physically active means sitting less and moving our bodies more. Many people find that physical activity helps them maintain positive mental health, either alone or in combination with other treatments.”


During the early lockdown, it was widely reported that many family pets (yes, cats included) as a 'once-a-day walk' ('get free from jail card') for every human member of their household . However, regardless of breed, there are limits to the activity an animal can engage in. An increased, intensive family life is most likely responsible for the fact that the number of pet owners who notice discrepancies in the health of their animal has risen sharply.

In a recent survey on post-Covid-19 osteoarthritis management conducted by physicians Duncan Lascelles and John Innes for the CPD4Vets webinar, 72% of participants experienced cases of osteoarthritis either staying the same or increasing in their clinics.

But what is also becoming more recognized is that many cats and dogs may have gone undiagnosed before Covid. Being more at home has given many of us a richer spectrum for our pet's day. From mild struggles getting on and off the couch to changes in appetite and posture. People who are no longer busy with other activities, such as work or study, are fully focused on their loved ones. This is leading to an increased need for veterinary advice at a time when clinics are severely constrained due to enforced government restrictions to combat the UK coronavirus outbreak.

where to start

For many pet owners, the stress of seeing loved ones acting withdrawn or just out of character can feel like an uphill battle in itself. Reducing that fear through quality care is key!

  • Veterinarian Guidance: Always consult your veterinarian first! Reduce the need to go to the clinic for a consultation by asking them if they have a telemedicine platform set up.
  • Supplements: Research on PCSO-524 , the active ingredient in ** Antinol , can be safely recommended from afar and has proven to be an important element in the effective management of comfort issues, particularly osteoarthritis in dogs and cats.
  • Exercise: Just one leisurely walk (on a lawn) a day can dramatically reduce a person's stress level and increase pet mobility. Make sure to use your daily allowance with furry friends in tow. But don't overdo it, too much of a good thing can be bad!

A well-managed combination of these three simple factors can ultimately mean new life for many, including Greycloaks and their doting owners.

Exercise is critical to strong mental health. A sudden loss of mobility can dramatically affect a person's quality of life.

Being "stuck" indoors doesn't have to prevent this. Together with our Vetz Petz friends and our favorite Instagram peers, we've put together an essential collection of indoor activities and inspirational videos to keep our pets stimulated and energized at home.

Stay safe, stay healthy, keep moving!


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