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Antinol helped Phoebe do things she hasn't done in years

9-year-old Labrador Phoebe injured her leg jumping into the pool and limped when she got out. With Antinol, Phoebe is happier, healthier and walking like she was 4 years old.

By Antinol Team

Written with love

It's a pleasure to see! She runs, she chases squirrels and rabbits in the garden. She's having a blast!
Gayla and Phil love Phoebe, their 9 year old English Cream Retriever. You can hear it in their voices when they talk about them. They are full of love for each other.
Phoebe is happiest when she's swimming. But when she was five years old, excitement at the pool got the better of her.

Phoebe + Gayla

"She jumped off the step into the pool. We think she hyperextended her leg or twisted her hip when she jumped.”

"We weren't too worried at first," says Gayla, "but it just got worse over time. She found it increasingly difficult to stand up, and found it difficult to get comfortable when lying down. It got us very excited.”
Phoebe laying on her back

Gayla and Phil go camping with their dogs, but Phoebe couldn't get in or out of their RV. Phil carried her up the four steps. And at home she had lost all enthusiasm for life.

"She was really having a rough time. We have a padded rug in the front room that she likes to lie on. But she couldn't get up, I had to pick up her bottom for her, and then she dragged her back leg behind her. She didn't feel like running, and walking was an effort!"
Gayla and Phil took Phoebe to the vet, but because she couldn't be anesthetized, they couldn't x-ray her leg.

Gayla was interested in using natural remedies to help Phoebe's recovery. Initially, she tried hemp oil. It seemed to help for a short while, but the effects quickly wore off.

Phil says, “Gayla did so much research. She worked so hard to find something natural that would work for Phoebe. Then she saw an advertisement for Antinol® and said, “We'll try that. It has excellent reviews and people are raving about it.” And what a huge difference that has made!”

“Gayla got in touch with Vetz Petz via her social media. They helped us create a plan for Phoebe with Antinol® and we felt they really supported us beyond the norm.”

“Yes,” says Gayla, “at first we didn't notice much of a difference, so I got back in touch with Vetz Petz's contact. You were awesome. What a fantastic company! The guy said, 'Tell you what, double up for another month and then we'll see.' Well it was brilliant!”

"That made the difference. We are overjoyed. I mean literally over the moon! As it is now, it is 100 percent. She's a very different dog than she was, so we're just thrilled."

Phil and Gayla are smitten with Phoebe, she is their happy, vivacious selves and they love life together.

"We were absolutely devastated because we were worried about her, but she's a different dog. She is having fun, is healthy and just enjoying herself. She trotts up and down the stairs to the camper with no problem. She will not be picked up again.”

"Yeah," says Gayla, "we talk about it all the time. When we're in the car going somewhere, we're like, 'Wow, isn't Phoebe okay?' And she is so happy!”

"We have a long garden. She walks to the end of the garden and when we say, 'Come on Phoebe, it's time to go in', she runs to the back door. She hasn't walked like that since she was about four years old!"

Phoebe likes to get comfortable and used to sleep stretched out on her back, but lately her stiffness has made that impossible.
“She now rolls onto her back and stretches her legs. with bad

She couldn't do that with legs, but now she just lies flat on her back and sleeps soundly. That's great. Great. I can't stress it enough. It is great!"

Gayla is now telling anyone who will listen about Antinol®. We asked her what she would say to other pet owners concerned about their furry friend's mobility.

"I would tell them you will see a difference and you have to be patient. It may not be instant, but you will see a difference. If you have an older pet that is struggling, Antinol® is definitely worth trying.”

“Actually, she surprised us just two days ago. She hasn't stood on her hind legs in years and has placed her front paws on the couch. She didn't do that forever!"

Phoebe happily laying on her back

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