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Antinol helped bring spring back to Bella's step

Steve couldn't believe his eyes as Bella struggled to jump in the car. Antinol has worked wonders for Bella's osteoarthritis and she is now able to take family walks.

By Antinol Team

Written with love

Lizzie was completely devastated and sobbed before bed. She thought that due to her mobility issues, Bella would not enjoy life and would die.

Bella is only nine. Her best friend, 5-year-old Lizzie, was concerned and thought that Bella's struggling to jump in the car meant she was old and might not be staying with the family much longer.

Bella with Steve and Lizzie

Bella had a rough start in life. Bella was physically abused during her training as a gundog and was then kept at a puppy farm as a breeding dog before being placed in a "killing shelter" in Ireland. Luckily, a rescue organization came to her rescue and Steve and his family welcomed her into their new home.

“The vet we first went to believed she was not the average Springer Spaniel size because she was bred too young and not fully grown. They believe this may have contributed to their early onset mobility problems," says pet owner Steve.

Steve has had Bella for seven years now and has seen her improve with each passing year.
“When she first came home she was shy and reserved and scared of everything. Over the next few years she has developed into a wonderful, lovable, lively and cheerful Springer. She adores children and follows them everywhere.”

When she was younger, Bella was an agility talent. When she's not digging through the undergrowth or chasing balls, she enjoys going off-road with Lizzie and jumping over logs and anything they find on their walks.
Bella jumping over a fallen tree

When the family drove to the beach on vacation last year, they were shocked that Bella couldn't get in the car.

"Usually she and Rosie, our other dog, hop in the back seat together. This time Rosie jumped but Bella didn't. She looked like she wanted to, but she couldn't jump."

Steve and his wife knew they had to get her help.

"It was a real shock. We suddenly realized that she was struggling. And when we noticed the thing with the car, we became aware of other problems. She had really slowed down and we hadn't noticed. We felt terrible. She used to be able to keep up and race with Rosie, but then she gave up or didn't try at all. She had turned into a grumpy old lady. She was snappy with other dogs when we were outside and kept attacking Rosie or the cats.”

When they got home, Steve called his girlfriend Chloe, a veterinary assistant who ran mobility clinics.

Chloe says: "Bella was stiff and had pain in her back legs. She had mobility issues. I suggested treating her with Antinol®. I had seen the benefits of using it on other dogs.”

Steve's wife is a pet nutritionist. She was skeptical at first, but Steve says: "She looked into the science behind it and read all the clinical evidence. She was impressed so we thought it was worth a try.”

For the first fifteen days, Bella took double the number of softgels as recommended. The family quickly saw a difference in her. She was her old self again, lively, happy and enthusiastic.
"At dinner she chased the cats, bowed to them and jumped around the kitchen like a spring!"

After taking Antinol® for a while, she didn't hesitate to jump in the car. She was ready to embark on family adventures again. Your family is overjoyed.

Bella enjoying her walk

“She developed this extreme enthusiasm, especially around meals; she jumps for joy! And the grumbles are gone. I can't remember the last time she attacked another dog on a walk.”

So much has changed at Bella.

“We are amazed what a big difference Antinol® has made. We are so glad to have our normal Bella back. She can run around and keep up with Rosie again. We can continue our adventures in the woods as a family. We can keep having fun together.”

Steve has now started giving Antinol® to Rosie, who is a few years younger than Bella.

"Antinol® has worked wonders for Bella, so we're hoping it can support Rosie's mobility over the long term as well."

Bella's best friend, little Lizzie, makes things perfect:
"Bella's Antinol® means she can adventure with me again!"

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