Die Antinol -Erfahrung: Lucys Geschichte

Die Antinol -Erfahrung: Lucys Geschichte

Von Antinol Team

The Antinol experience is all about starting every day as a good one, here is Lucy's story.

“At around 7 years old, Lucy suffered an injury to her front, right foot. This was finally diagnosed as Osteoarthritis. Looking back though, I think the injury simply acerbated an underlying problem.”

Recalls Ally: mum to Stanley (5months), Phoebe (5 years) and Lucy (11 years), all black Labs. You can really hear the pain in her voice as she recollects over their journey and how far they’ve come.

It was whilst on a standard walk with her mum that Lucy excitedly leaped to catch a ball thrown in her direction, by another pet owner. A funny landing left her limping on her two front paws.

“Lucy is a trooper and naturally stoic so, it took a while for us to get a diagnosis as she hid her pain well. It wasn’t until I spoke to specialist vet Mike Guilliard that Antinol was suggested. We haven’t looked back since, I feel like I got my Lucy back.”

With the work Ally does, she is often home and around her dogs for extended periods of time. So, although whilst at the vet’s Lucy managed to maintain a pretence of high wellbeing and strength, Ally had witnessed first hand Lucy’s struggles with getting up and down off the couch and in and out of the car.

“I could see those tell-tale signs of OA gaiting; her usual movements were limited and she was shifting her wait to her stronger (left) side to compensate. I reduced her normal levels of activity and stopped all training with her, but it was amazing to see how well and how fast this all improved with Antinol, under the guidance of Mike Guilliard.”

Ally Gilbertson

Owner of Karma Dogs, Ally is an avid dog lover and award-winning dog trainer. You can follow Ally and Lucy’s adventures over on Facebook.

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