Hundegesundheit: Die richtige Diät

Dog health: the right diet

By Antinol Team

Proper nutrition is an essential part of your dog's health. But what should an adult dog’s diet actually consist of?

The nutritional needs of adult dogs vary by breed and activity level. For example, you never want to feed a Pug the same amounts as a Lab. However, food is a great way to stimulate dogs and nourish them both mentally and physically.


We all like a treat every now and then, but loading up on processed sugars and additives is never good, whether you're puppies or folks.

While meat makes up the bulk of their diet, pet dogs can also get nutrients from grains, fruits, and vegetables. Not only are these meatless foods bulking, they can be a valuable source of essential vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Why not try putting some of the following in your dog's bowl...


They are a great source of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants for dogs.


Rich in proteins as well as essential amino acids and fatty acids. It's best to serve eggs boiled to avoid the risk of salmonella poisoning. They are also great for calming an upset stomach in dogs.


Packed with vitamins A&C, they're packed with fiber. Remember to core before giving to your dog. B. apple seeds are poisonous.


This vegetable is the perfect nutritious alternative to a bone. While it's generally safe to consume them whole, we always recommend breaking them up into more manageable portions to avoid choking.


When feeding your dog kibble, make sure you choose a quality kibble.


More effective than any conventional fish oil capsule. It contains over 90 functional fatty acids, including many rare, powerful lipids not found in other nutritional supplements. Antinol supports the joint metabolism in arthrosis in dogs and cats. It is the #1 product in several countries in Asia Pacific. However, there is nothing quite like it on the UK market here.

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