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Antinol and the Smart Clinic - How Antinol supports the rehabilitation of patients

dr Davies is one of the best rehabilitation specialists in the world. Here she talks about her experiences with Antinol® and mobility problems in dogs.

By Antinol Team

We were very pleased about the invitation to Dr. Lowri Davies at SMART Specialist Veterinary Referrals Clinic in South Wales delighted to see Antinol® being used to support their rehabilitation patients.

dr Davies is a highly qualified veterinarian and a diplomat from the American College of Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation .

She is one of the best rehabilitation specialists in the world, with patients from all over Europe seeking her expertise.

In 2004 she founded the SMART Referral Center - the UK's first specialist sports medicine and rehabilitation clinic for small animals. Whether the patient is there because of an injury, for performance reasons, or to recover from surgery, Dr. Davies and her team use a variety of tools and techniques to get them back to an active, happy life as quickly as possible.

Six months ago, Dr. Davies introduced Antinol® and she wanted to know if it could help support her patient's recovery.

“First, I wanted to make sure it was of a suitable quality so we could use it. I read the product data and expected that it could help improve the quality of life for a subset of our patients. Especially our older patients.”

Antinol® has now been used at SMART Clinic for six months and has become an essential piece of the puzzle of techniques and tools they use to support their patients.

"The customers are very satisfied with it!"

dr Davies and her team recommend adherence to the Antinol® 14-day double-capsule protocol, followed by daily feeding according to the weight-based guideline. You saw a difference in most cases. Pets are comfortable, happy and active.

“I think I can only recommend something if I really believe in it. This is my starting point. I ask does it work and is it good value for money? And I am very happy to recommend Antinol®.”

We had a great time seeing some of Dr. See Davies and experience what it's like to spend time at the SMART Clinic. If you want to learn more about The SMART Clinic, you can visit their website here.

Wondering if rehabilitation therapy could help your pet? Find out more about veterinary rehabilitation here.

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