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Brothers Henney + Metaxa can now run, swim and play together.

German Shepherds are a breed prone to mobility issues. Gemma tried Antinol® and now Hennessey and Metaxa can actually walk together!

By Antinol Team

Written with love

Gemma has been a Vet Assistant for over 20 years. She has seen it all in her time having worked in both small and large animal practices. Raising two German Shepherd puppies rescued from a puppy farm, she won her heart and hasn't left her side ever since.

Despite being brothers, Hennessey and Metaxa are completely different. Hennessey is chunkier and has always been slower. Together they enjoy long walks, chasing balls and going swimming.

“I have always monitored her joints because I know Shepherds struggle with their mobility as they get older. When they got there around five, Hennessey was much slower than Metaxa. His hips were getting a little stiff after a long run. He's never been able to jump in the car. He always put his front legs up and I had to pick him up.”

Although Hennessey was never particularly athletic, Gemma was concerned at how much he had slowed down. So she spoke to the vet about it while at work and they tried medication. Alongside this, Gemma also gave both dogs a joint nutritional supplement.

“In practice, to be honest, there are probably six or seven supplements on the shelf for us to choose from. So we tried it for a month or two at a time to see if we noticed a change. But I often feel like with joint supplements, you never really know if they're working or not," says Gemma.

Hennessey had hydrotherapy regularly, but his mobility wasn't better, so they investigated further. "He was x-rayed when he was six because we thought it might be his cruciate ligament, but it wasn't. It was osteoarthritis.”

Having some clarity about his mobility issues made Gemma more cautious with him.

"I protect him more than his brother. I'm a bit more sensitive when he jumps up, jumps over things or whatever he wants to do. I say, "No, you can't. Slow down.” I kept him on a leash for about a year just so he couldn't charge around. I didn't want him to do any more damage."

Scrolling through social media, Gemma came across a post from Vetz Petz® Education Manager Chloe White.

"I then googled Antinol® to see what was in it and I was like, 'There's nothing in it that might harm him and there aren't any known side effects - we'll just try it and see.' It was that Biggest change I've ever seen with a supplement! Hennessey now jumps into the car alone. I don't have to pick him up."

Gemma took Hennessey and Metaxa on holiday and couldn't believe the difference with him.

"Usually after 20 minutes of walking on the beach he would slow down and get a little stiff. When we got home he would just lie down. Antinol® has changed that - he's quite hyperactive. After a full week of running on the beach I haven't seen any signs of stiffness.”

It also helped improve brother's relationship; They are now enjoying their time together.

"I used to worry that they would play because if Metaxa got too short-tempered, I worried that he would knock Hennessy over and hurt him. They now run side by side, which was never the case before because Metaxa was much faster. Hennessey can actually keep up now!”

Gemma was so impressed with Antinol® that she decided to feed it to Metaxa too.

“He's always been the athletic dog. He's always chasing his ball and he's a lot more agile so I never really thought he showed any signs of stiffness. But I started it with Antinol® and wow! At the speed he's running now, he's like a whippet! When running, he seems looser and freer. He's never been really stiff from walks, but he's become so much more lively now and the two play more together now."

Getting the brothers to eat the Antinol® capsules was never a problem.
"It's really funny. Every night at seven o'clock they stand by their closet waiting for their Antinol®. They are so tasty. I have to watch out for Hennessy because he likes them so much he might jump up and try to steal them With other supplements I have to hide them in cheese but they just eat Antinol® like a treat!”

Gemma hasn't just seen a difference in her mobility. It has affected other parts of her life as well.

“As German shepherds, they have really thick coats and it turned out so silky and a lot nicer to brush. I would also say they are so much more alive! They were calm dogs after taking their walk. Now they come home and play together and run around. Her whole demeanor seems much happier.”

Everyone is hearing about Gemma's Antinol® now. “I recommend it to everyone, on walks, everywhere. I gave it to my parents dog. He is 14 years old and has knee problems. He used to get pushed around in the stroller because he only walked 10 minutes and then gave up. The stroller won't come out now. He actually walks most of the way alone! He's a lot happier and no longer grumpy when you pick him up."

What would Gemma say to other pet owners considering Antinol® for their furry family member?

“Try Antinol®! Video your animals before and after. I watched a video of the dogs running together before Antinol® and I can actually see the difference in the way they move!”

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